This year at CONA, the Tennessee delegation proudly boasts 25 delegates to represent the Volunteer State.  For the roughly two dozen Tennesseans, the opportunity to participate in the conference has been hard fought and hard won.  Combined, Tennessee’s two conferences claim over 1,000 participants, making the Tennessee branch of Youth in Government one of the largest in the nation.  From the large pool of delegates at the state level, twelve delegates and twelve alternates are from each conference are chosen to go on to CONA.  These are the top debaters, presenters, officers, and justices of the Volunteer State.  The delegates represent all the components of government including members of the governor’s cabinet, the Supreme Court, press corps, lobbyists and all four chambers.

The physical journey to the conference includes a full day of bus travel.  Because the Tennessee delegation consists of students throughout the entire state, the bus makes three stops, beginning at the western most corner of the state, Memphis, then goes to Nashville, and ends in the eastern corner of the state, Knoxville, before journeying to Black Mountain.  The Tennessee delegation is comprised of the state’s finest young debaters and considers it an honor and privilege to represent their state.  Go Vols!

~ Jeremy Wilson & Lindsey Victoria Thompson