Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, has long been a staple at the Conference on National Affairs. They ascended the mountain with their trademark vigor and excitement. They were led across the Mason-Dixon line by their amiable new governor, Tyler Verin. Their proposals ranged from completely restructuring the United Nations to legalizing indoor prostitution. The ten hour bus ride was an exodus from the city of Brotherly Love and Pittsburgh, the City of Steel. The 21 delegates waited full of anticipation as the bus traveled from state to state on the way to North Carolina. We spoke in boisterous tones, re-living Pennsylvania’s past glories: stealing flags, popping cows, and the occasional fiery speech. When we finally arrived and immersed ourselves in the throng of delegates surrounding Lee Hall, it became apparent that some delegates had returned home while the new delegates began to make their place on the mountain. During the first night’s conversations, it occurred to me that if we left the mountain with all goals achieved, then the United States would become a prostitution-loving, drug-testing, allergen-alerting, electoral college-disbanding, UN-reconstrucing, nuclear threat-making, electoral primary-voting, scholarship-establishing, education system-augmenting, organ-donating, fair-labor-task-force-creating, electronic vote-standardizing, hand gun-regulating, ethanol-negating, aerospace-encouraging, Homeland Security-reforming, Afghanistan-rebuilding, civil liberties-protecting, driving on Sunday-banning, minimum wage-maintaining, religious freedom-affirming place.