The first year of the Colorado delegation’s CONA experience has been absolutely amazing. As the three of us (two delegates, one advisor) stepped onto the mountain for the first time (Which are more like hills to us compared to the 14’ers of Colorado) we didn’t really know what to expect; but breathing in pure oxygen and humidity for the first time threw us for a loop. Being the first from Colorado sent to CONA in a long time, we were really excited and a bit intimidated by the huge delegation from Texas, who decorated our hall with Texas flags and colors. As we walked into first committee however, we met so many amazingly friendly delegates who were willing to meet new people and take on a challenge. We would eat different meals with different people each day, depending on who we talked to while waiting in line. We would meet new people at mixers, devotionals, even walking up the steps to Lee Hall. It was an experience never mirrored in anything else we’ve ever been through.

Though all three of us wish that we would have brought a full-sized delegation to scream cheers with at mealtimes, we have had so much fun with every single event. The air of openness that surrounds the mountain gave us a truly unforgettable experience, and we are excited for the coming years when we will bring our delegates out from Colorado to experience the Blue Ridge Spirit that we have been blessed enough to experience. Expect Colorado to be back will full force in 2011!