Sitting on the porch of Lee Hall, eating Eureka Treats, buzzing around on social networking sites: This is the typical view of a media delegate from other people. The truth about media delegates is that they are working all the time – sitting in on committees, writing articles, thinking of ideas, editing videos and articles, researching topics, interviewing delegates and taking photos. A media delegate is constantly at work.

The media program is divided into two sections: broadcast and print. The broadcast crew creates slideshows, takes videos and pictures and edits them. Print interviews people, sits in on committees, writes and edits articles and sets up the layout for the final product. The two sections work together for electronic press, incorporating Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to bridge print and broadcast.

Every day life for a media delegate is, for the most part, the same every day with a few twists. Each morning all the media staffers meet on the porch of Lee Hall for the first meeting of the day. They discuss what all the assignments for the day are and then leave to go accomplish the tasks that were assigned. The only thing that changes from day to day is that everyone in print is reporting on a different topic and the broadcast may be working with new photos and videos.

Some of the people from the media shared some of their thoughts about being in the program. Catie Kneir (Wisconsin) said, “It’s really hard work, but it all pays off in the end when people say ‘good job.’” Lisa Grewe (Wisconsin) said, “It’s harder to meet people because we really only get a chance to talk to people outside of media during breaks.”  Sarah Wilhelm (Texas) added, “We have an opposite work schedule compared to everyone else so socializing is a little more difficult.”

Life as a media delegate can be very busy and stressful at times, but what’s worse is when things get pretty slow. Michael Cedrone (Model UN) said, “The media is kind of polar; it’s either very slow or very hectic there is no in between.”

It takes a lot of hard work and time to get a topic, report on it, edit it and finally to put all the articles and photos together to create a final product. It’s a job that one has to love in order to be able to do. So next time you feel like your media delegate got a free ride here, just remember: they earned it for a reason.

~ McKenna Bocik