Many of y’all (yeah, I said it) have been wondering why exactly we refer to ourselves as “The Family of Alabama.” Although a couple of people have suggested it, we are not inbred. In fact, none of us are related, we’re just the hosts. However even though we are not related, we do have the one and only Bobfather. The legacy of the Bobfather is evident from the high demand of Bob pins, and the masses of delegates that have approached us begging for our shirts that proudly display Bob styling some yellow shutter shades. Those of us in the Alabama family know him well, and owe him more than most. Bob is involved in our Youth in Government, and without him CONA and the family of Alabama wouldn’t be the same.

So when you see the Bobfather at some point this weekend (and you will because he is somehow everywhere at once) yell some thanks or throw up some spirit fingers.

Anyway while I’m at it, yes most of us like sweet tea, and we all do wear shoes.

~ Alabama Delegation