After waking up at 4am to make their flight, the Missouri delegation made it to the airport complete with seersucker attire and tote bags with state logos. The check-in process took nearly an hour for the ten delegates and three advisors. When I stepped up to the check-in counter discovered that I  had not been given a flight ticket. After fifteen minutes of panicked phone calls, I was given a ticket for the flight and we were seated on the plane.

At the loading gate, the delegation found their flight delayed because of a “confrontation” between a few of the flight attendants. Two hours after the original departure time, the Missouri delegation made it in the air.

When arriving in Atlanta, the delegation had literally a minute to get their next gate because the final boarding call had been announced. Once the group had loaded the plane, the leaders found that Katayon Ghasseni was nowhere to be seen. After anxiety attacks by all and poor Ken “Young Money” Hussy’s almost devestation, Ghasseni strutted onto the plane.

After the day’s events, all of the delegation held their breath at baggage claim in Charlotte, NC. Luckily, all bags were present and accounted for – the first thing that seemed to go right that day.

~ Kate Wagner