The Connecticut delegation: a bunch of kids who have never heard of “Cheerwine,” don’t like to pronounce the letter “T” when speaking, and live down the street from Martha Stewart. A group of 25 strong and extremely different personalities, we all came together from different schools and backgrounds and traveled as one to CONA. After helping one another with proposals, coming up with a meaningful devotion, and spending true bonding time with each other every night, it has become apparent that this legendary “Blue Ridge Spirit” is coursing through our veins, and allowing us to open our hearts and minds.

Although we don’t have the most diversity, we are all unique in different ways: Although we hail from all around Connecticut, not two of us are completely alike. Being unqiue is more than accepted at CONA, and it is commendable that each of us can embrace these unique qualities. The title “premier delegation” have been granted to us the past two years, but these two words merely allow us to live up to a standard as a delegation, and not boast about a title.

With that, we leave you now with just two final words: Hartford Whalers!

~ Stephanie Luczak & Stephanie Simko