Among the many students here, most of the delegates have no problem showing their love and appreciation for other delegations Рjust ask the charming representatives from FloTucky or Mississippiana

While familiar beds, unplugged alarm clocks, and mom’s home cooking may eagerly awaiting everybody with open arms and neglected hearts, no doubt about it, there may be exceptions to this. These expectations are simple, and everybody always wonders about the unknown and the chance to explore someting new. So, that raises the question – what delegation would you go home with, if you had the chance?

“Colorado. They’re a small group, and they’re all nice and cool.” ~ Christian Olivas (New Mexico)

“California, they’re a really fun group.” ~ Benjamin Corman (Massachusettes)

“Michigan. They like to hug, I like hugs, I think I’d fit in there!” ~ Katherine Munoz (Massachusettes)

“California, they have a lot of fun and they’re really awesome.” ~ Hollis Lineberger (North Carolina)

“Definitely the Marshall Islands! They’re like our baby chapter – like our adopted group. They came up here with us and they’re really sweet.” ~ Joanna Heintze (Florida)

“California. I’ve never been there and the delegation seems really nice.” ~ Alex Brown (North Carolina)

“North Carolina, because they have the best shirts” ~ Julia Harbaugh (Model UN)

“California, because they’re really fly.” ~ Tyler Brent (Model UN)

“Probably D.C., because their chants rock; they’re really awesome.” ~ Taylor (Texas)

“Tennessee, because they’re really sweet.” ~ Emily Jonas (Georgia)

“California, because I’ve never been there.” ~ Elizabeth Holland (Georgia)

“Kentucky. The people are super nice.” ~Ainsley Liken (Georgia)