The silence was deafening as delegates of the 2009 Conference on National Affairs flooded out of Heaton Hall after Wednesday night’s solemn devotional. Members of the Virginia delegation prepared a presentation that focused on the core value of responsibility. The devotional was a multimedia display that contained a splash of theatrics.

Members Brooklyn Hildebrandt and Kate Breimann delivered moving speeches that encouraged fellow delegates to be involved and not to sit idly. The 10 minute presentation included a video clip of a CBS new report in which Iranian protestors were treated in a violent manner for expressing their opinions. Immediately following this, the entire Virginia delegation stood united on the stage wearing green headbands to symbolically represent the abused protestors now living in Iran.

When asked about his thoughts on the devotion, Virginia delegate Sanjay Kishore stated, “We tried to take a different approach on responsibility because it’s something that Youth & Government programs across the nation seem to emphasize.” As the youth of CONA left the assembly, they were given their own piece of ribbon to serve as a constant reminder. Not a soul was talking as the delegates exited devotion, proving that silence truly is golden.