Delegates throughout the whole conference want, need, and cherish their few hours of sleep during the week. But waking up an hour or two earlier only extends the benefits that this week offers. Running, watching the sunrise from the porch of Lee Hall, or just walking around the Blue Ridge Campus is a great start to any day this week. But the one an activity that jumpstarts anyone’s day is ultimate. Ultimate Frisbee, that is.
A sport commonly played around the nation comes to the conference to give delegates a fun chance to stay active and ease their way into a busy day. Presiding Officer Alex Mech has played ultimate Frisbee for four years, and finds that his activity is a “fast paced” sport that “gets you energized” for the day.
Monday morning there were about 14 players, and the encouragement to play increased the number of players to 18 the following morning. Delegates usually meet at the porch of Lee Hall before walking down together to a field hidden in the forest about a quarter a mile away from the meeting location.
[“Ultimately,] when it comes down to it, it’s not about the score at the end, its about the way we’ve all started off our day,” David Dunlap of South Carolina pleasantly stated, “its great to know we can boost our energy through the sport of ultimate frisbee.”