How great is it to have the entire world in one room? How much do we love the UN? Well, nowadays, not enough. There are many people in this country that think the United Nations is flawed. At the 2008 Conference on National Affairs, there is a proposal that deals directly with this issue. This Proposal 90 deals with the U.S. leaving the UN and forming an individual relationship with all nations. This succession from the United Nations would be very controversial and something that a lot of people would support.
This is something that I have seen happening in action. Kentucky’s Model United Nations, the United States delegation was asked to leave the chamber for having pulled their voting delegate from the floor. This is a surreal experience and showed the chaos that would ensue.
The U.S. is the backbone of the United Nations and with its withdraw, the UN would collapse. In this one man’s opinion, this proposal is not a horrible idea, the UN has no real power and cannot make any real decisions. The soldiers of the UN cannot even defend the people they are supposed to protect. We may not want to back out all of the way; however, we do need to change our dealings with the UN socially, politically, and economically.
The U.S. should not fund the UN in the way it presently does. The countries of the UN should take on more of the burden. I think that the United Nations does many good things, yet, overall is still ineffective in many ways. This is something that should be debated hard and should have a serious look taken upon it.