At opening ceremony, the delegate carrying the Model United Nations (MUN) flag might have seemed a little out of place, because CONA is, by many, recognized as a state conference. The fact that MUN does not represent a state makes it by nature somewhat of an outcast delegation.
While some MUN delegates feel that a slight social stigma has been associated with their delegation, it is most likely a mere misinterpretation. The seeming general predilection for state delegations is the result of a (more than reasonable) lack of understanding about why and how MUN is at CONA. Other delegations have either never participated in the program or have run their MUN (like YAG) for just a single state.
The conference is broken up into several committees (i.e. General Assembly and Security Council), comprised of representatives of the UN countries. As an aside, countries are assigned to several different schools who are attending the conference. Before the event, students must submit a proposal abstract concerning his or her country’s standpoint on a particular issue. Using these outlines, delegates at the conference try to pass resolutions in the committee that they write on the spot. This conference demands that students thoroughly study their topics and construct articulate speeches.
“MUN requires students to develop their own perspective on both national and international issues,” Tyler Brent, MUN, said. Thus, selected out of a diverse and talented lot of one thousand plus students, the MUN delegates are, to say the least, a group of dedicated debaters.
MUN is a delegation comprised of twenty-five students from all over the Mid- Atlantic Region (plus Maryland). Said students were selected for their outstanding performance and more importantly their enthusiasm for debating politics. The MUN conference, held in Hershey, PA, is a weekend affair which is based upon the actual UN.
Although these delegates do not have a specific state to associate with, the delegates like to boast in good humor. Rather than uniting under New Jersey or Texas, the members of this delegation unite with the same passion and zeal under the letters M-U-N.