Alright, so first off, I’d like to make sure it’s very clear that Connecticut is not the name of one of New York City’s suburbs. Also, we are not all rich, horse-owning, Mercedes-driving, WASPS: I know this from personal experience. Finally, we are not really a blue state, unfortunately, even though we’ve gone democrat at the last five elections. Actually, we are a red state that disguises itself as a blue state, and if you don’t believe me…our Senator is yes…sigh…Joseph Liebermen.
Now, most of these assumptions are out of the way and I don’t feel awkward being very intimate with you. So here’s a little heart-to-heart about this thing we like to call CONA. In a nutshell, it is simply YIG or YAG summer camp minus any bug juice or camp fires. It is the most refreshing, inspirational, light-a-fire-under-you week in the entire year. It is our time to find clarity, to see past political labels, and prejudices, admit when we are wrong, and ultimately finding the truth in situations. It is this reason that we all make our calendars, literally or just mentally, for the CONA week and begin a countdown that brings more excitement as each day passes and we inch closer to this special week.
CONA brings us all to a new level, a new perception of ourselves and allows us to realize in our own time what is truly important. If CONA is anything, it is consistent. It consistently challenges us to be better, constantly moves us towards progress, consistently inspires us and shows us what the definition or community is. Connecticut delegates past and present will never forget the Blue Ridge Assembly and this conference, nor will we ever be able to adequately thank it for everything it has done for us. Thank you, CONA, for everything, from Connecticut.