O the bugle, the best alarm clock in the whole world! It was slightly easier and slightly harder to get up this morning. Easier because I knew what great things to expect, harder because I was so sore from all the work, and climbing, I did the day before. I rolled out of bed a went to morning meditation with Bob, the Conference Director, which was very relaxing, a nice change of pace from the intense debate the day before. Breakfast had a southern feel with biscuit ‘n gravy and grits. After our delegation meetings, we all met on the Lee Hall steps for our conference picture. Doing the wave added a fun twist to this slightly mundane tradition. First Committee Hearing groups were finished slightly before our lunch of sweet and sour meatballs, BBQ chicken, and macaroni salad. The slight break was much appreciated but the seriousness of the conference was quickly remembered once delegates found out who made it to second committee. Those proposals in Second Committee were debated until dinner and were debated again until devotional.

~The Ridge Writer