Every year most delegations brainstorm ideas for their states’ shirt. This year’s state shirts were extremely creative, and a few shirts stood out from the others. Some delegations wore their state’s conference shirt and most states designed shirts with either a person or theme in mind.

The Family of Alabama’s shirt was designed with conference director Bob McGauhey in mind. Every year the Family designs their shirt in honor of Bob’s love and hard work. This year Alabama chose a Bob the Builder theme featuring McGauhey building the family of Alabama and making it strong.

CONA may need some fixing up after Oklahoma passes through! Oklahoma’s shirt claim “Taking CONA By Storm”, paying tribute to their home the epicenter of “Tornado Alley”.

Florida’s superheroes are here to save the day! Their state advisers love themes, and this year they surprised their delegation with superheroes. Lindsay Smith, Florida, says.

“We have many different talents. We are like superheroes because we have fun, but we get the work done.”

If you see people in capes and headbands do not run away, they are here from Florida to save the day.

Everyone loves a fiesta, and New Mexico is no different, as is reflected on their state shirt. The front of the shirt is a dancing taco, and the quote “Respect The Taco, Fear The Taco” on the back.

What other shenanigans could Minnesota get into? Maybe design a shirt influenced by the movie Juno. Minnesota chose Juno because it was written and staged in their state. With a green rocking chair on the front and tiny running boys on the back, this shirt is as quirky as the movie.

As we all know Delaware is a small state, which is implied by their state’s shirt. They are so tight they only need one area code (302).

California’s advisers love to surprise their delegates. So the state shirt was no different. Recently California allowed same sex marriage, so in honor of the law their shirt is pink with “love” written at the bottom in rainbow colors.

Since this year’s shirts were very creative, next year’s shirts should be even better.